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Join EABCT 2022 - and find the first results of theREMOTEcbt study!

Dear colleagues, we are glad to announce that the very first results of theREMOTEcbt study have been accepted for presentation at the EABCT 2022 Congress in Barcelona

First results (now including responses from 740 therapists and trainees in psychotherapy from a number of European countries) have been accepted for poster presentation at the EABCT 2022 Congress in Barcelona. The poster will be displayed both at the virtual platform and in the printed form at the congress poster board.

If you are visiting EABCT 2022, we invite you to take a look at the presented data and share your thoughts with us.

In case you miss the congress, the poster will be available on our website upon the congress presentation.

Best wishes,

theREMOTEcbt Project team


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