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First results of theREMOTEcbt study: succesfully presented at EABCT 2022

Dear colleagues and interested readers,

First results (now including responses from 740 therapists and trainees in psychotherapy from a number of European countries) have been succesfully presented at the EABCT 2022 Congress in Barcelona. Now even more associations (and countries) are joining the study!

We cordially invite you to share your thoughts with us!

You can find the presentation details below.

Best wishes,

theREMOTEcbt project team

Mitkovic-Voncina M, theREMOTEcbt Consortium. European CBT therapists transitioning to remote CBT during the pandemic: theREMOTEcbt project. Congress of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT); 7-10 September 2022, Barcelona (hybrid).


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